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I am Wilderness

I am Wilderness

Voices and stories from our planet's last truly wild places.

I am Wilderness in Namibia

I am Wilderness in Namibia

Exploring three great wild expanses - the Namib and Kalahari deserts, and the Benguela Current ocean wilderness

America and Wilderness

America and Wilderness

Will Congress go another year without designating new wilderness? Kate Sheppard of Huff Post Green takes a look at the state of American politics 50 years after the Wilderness Act of 1964.

I am the North American Prairie

I am the North American Prairie

Imagine - an American Serengeti teaming with wildlife. Imagine, the American Prairie Reserve

I am the Amazon

I am the Amazon

Stories exploring the greatest tropical wilderness on Earth


House Advances Legislation Undermining American Wilderness
Feb 5, 2014 | by | No Comments | Read →

  THE WILDERNESS SOCIETY | 5 February 2014 WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the House of Representatives passed legislation that threatens essential hunting and fishing habitat and u...


Major new discovery on seal evolution
Feb 19, 2014 | by | No Comments | Read →

  Graduate Student Makes Major Discovery About Seal Evolution CANADIAN MUSEUM OF NATURE | 19 February 2014 Findings Shed Light on Past and Future of Species Ottawa, Canada—I...

Featured Stories from the Wild

  • Jennifer Palmer on Women for Wildlife
    Jennifer Palmer on Women for Wildlife

      In April 2016 I am Wilderness had a chance to catch up with Jennifer Palmer, founder of Women for Wildlife.  The following is the full transcript of the interview.   W...

  • This image shows a visualization of Arctic sea ice cover on Sept. 12, 2013, with a yellow line showing the 30-year average minimum extent. A new study shows that the magnitude of surface darkening in the Arctic (due to the retreat of sea ice) is twice as large as that found in previous studies.
Image Credit: 
NASA Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio/Cindy Starr
    NASA Satellites See Arctic Surface Darkening Faster

    This video uses the historic “Daisyworld” model to illustrate Earth science concepts, such as albedo and feedback loops. NASA | 18 February 2014 The retreat of sea ice ...

  • This natural-color image shows the importance of sun-sensor geometry. On the left, sunlight is backscattered by the Amazon rain forest, making green leaves appear brighter in some areas. To the right, sunglint makes the dark waters of the Amazon River and flooded wetlands appear silver or white.
Image Credit: 
NASA's Earth Observatory
    The Amazon, not always as green as it seems

      NASA Study Points to Infrared-Herring in Apparent Amazon Green-Up KATHRYN HANSEN for NASA | 6 February 2014 For the past eight years, scientists have been working to make se...

Extreme Events

Tropical Cyclone Edilson Leaving Mauritius
NASA's Aqua satellite captured this visible image of Tropical Cyclone Edilson in the Southern Indian Ocean on Feb. 5 at 09:50 UTC, north of the islands of Mauritius and La Reunion (left).
Credit:  NASA Goddard MODIS Rapid Response

NASA Sees Tropical Cyclone Edilson Leaving Mauritius ROB GUTRO for NASA’S GODDARD SPACE CENTER | 6 February 2014 NASA’s Terra satellite saw Tropical Cyclone Edilson pul...

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Wild Films

Stunning Antarctica: The Seventh Continent
Although unrelated to the film, the equally stunning Mt Herschel (3335m asl) rises over Cape Hallet with Seabee Hook penguin colony in Foreground. Antarctica.  Photo: Andrew Mandemaker

ARLO HEMPHILL for I AM WILDERNESS | 6 February 2014 This short film will blow your mind. It is Antarctica at its best – white, boundless and full of rugged character.  The S...

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Japanese whalers, protesters clash off Antarctica
A Minke whale and her 1-year-old calf are dragged aboard the Nisshin Maru, a Japanese whaling vessel that is the world's only factory ship. The wound that is visible on the calf's side was reportedly caused by an explosive-packed harpoon.  Photo: Customs and Border Protection Service, Commonwealth of Australia

ASSOCIATED PRESS via COLORADO 9NEWS | 4 February 2014 SYDNEY (AP) – A Japanese whaling ship and an anti-whaling protest boat collided in the remote, icy seas off Antarctica, ...

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The North Face: The Explorer
Photo: Tuxyso, Wikimedia Commons

ARLO HEMPHILL for I AM WILDERNESS | 4 February 2014 The North Face, one of the world’s premier outdoor gear and clothing brands, has nailed the essence of wilderness explorat...

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New light on the habitat of early apes
The early ape Proconsul (center) and the primate Dendropithecus (upper right) inhabited a warm and relatively wet, closed canopy tropical seasonal forest 18 million years ago in equatorial eastern Africa (Rusinga Island, Kenya). Image courtesy of Jason Brougham

  Discovery by Baylor University Researchers Sheds New Light on the Habitat of Early Apes BAYLOR UNIVERSITY | 18 February 2014 WACO, Texas — Baylor University researcher...

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